PSA: Switch to solar energy.

And, maybe even electric cars.

Electric v Solar

Electric bills cost $1248.06 dollars per year. I don't know about you, but that's a lot. Now,

5kw solar panels cost about $10,000 dollars. "But Steven, that means electric bills are better!" You must be thinking. Those $10,000 dollars is a one time payment. You'll never have to pay again. The solar panel also last 25 years. 25 YEARS. For 25 years, you pay $31,201.05 dollars with electric bills. If you do the math, you save up to $21,201.05 dollars.

Also, consider an electric car.

"But why, Steven? We're kids." You must be thinking. Then tell your parents that average gas car costs are $3321 dollars per year and average electric car costs are $540 dollars per year. $540 dollars. That's $2781 of savings.

Do you know how much you can save?

Do you? You can save about $24,000 dollars. Do you know how many cakes you can buy? DO YOU?! Switch to solar panels and electric cars and save loads of money and get a bunch of cakes. I call it, "The greenest green plan."

Extra bonuses!

  • Your solar panels are silent! (so you can eat your cakes you bought with your saved money in peace)
  • You don't need to tweak and get maintenance all the time.
  • Electric cars look cool.
  • Solar panels are always changing and getting better.
  • It's renewable energy. You get bragging rights about how you're nice and green and nice to the environment. You're a green Na'vi.
  • Conserve all that money. All of it.