WATC In-Service

Fall 2014

WATC Adjunct In-service Fall 2014

Tuesday, Aug. 5th, 5:30-9pm

4501 E 47th St S

Wichita, KS

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Welcome & Introductions

  • David Jones
  • Lori Stockstill
  • John Stockstill
  • Cynthia Townsend
  • Alicia Habermehl

Need to request a substitute for your class?

  • contact Shelby Jansen: WATC 677-1921; cell 316-993-1988
  • classes will only be cancelled in case of an emergency and there is not enough time to find a substitute
  • adjuncts pay each other $25/hour
  • General Education Class Canellation Phone Line: 316-677-9559 (Monitored 24 hours a day!)


  • Must be in BlackBoard (Read Me First)
  • Contract between YOU and the STUDENT; Let students know what you expect of them and what they can expect from you!
  • Current Course descriptions & textbook information can be found in BlackBoard in the Mathematics Department course.

Adjunct Expectations

  • Adjunct In-Service is mandatory! (could impact future course assignments)

Faculty pay agreements

Evaluation - you will receive this online!

AGENDA for Math Department Meeting

Mission - Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Program at Wichita Area Technical College provides the opportunity for students to learn the skills and concepts needed to be successful in Mathematics courses by delivering content in various methods to most efficiently, and cost –effectively, meet the students’ needs and academic goals. This is the first DRAFT...need your feedback!

BlackBoard - Are you Ready?

  • NEW Mathematics Department Course
  • NEW BlackBoard instructor Checklist
  • What should you include in your Course Work for Students?
  • Is your BlackBoard course and Pearson course Sync'd and ready for the first day?
  • Do you plan on reserving a computer lab for the first day? Be sure to contact Bonnie Engelken (assistant registrar).
  • Would you like Shelby to help you out on the first day?
  • 2014-2015 Reviews and Formula Sheets in Bb
  • Discussion...Questions...

BlackBoard & Pearson MyMathLab Integration Presentation

used for training Summer 2014

14-week courses

  • Target students that typically enroll late
  • Online, hybrid, & traditional formats for Math Fundamentals, Intermediate Algebra with Review, and College Algebra

Coming soon (Fall 2015) - PACER Math

MISSION: The PACER Mathematics course is designed to foster student success through cultivating students’ self-confidence, self-management, and by encouraging a positive attitude. PACER Mathematics courses are designed so that students are able to self-accelerate through the curriculum while mastering the concepts needed to be successful in College Algebra. (PACER: Personalized Accelerated College Education Readiness)

  • the MALL (Math Accelerated Learning Lab) will be in G-211
  • Developmental Mathematics re-design
  • Will include ALL concepts beginning with Basic Arithmetic and moving through Intermediate Algebra
  • Goal - Personalized student pathways to College Algebra
  • NEW College Algebra with Review Course will be created for students that test into Intermediate or College Algebra


  • Training videos in BlackBoard (see Professional Development folder in Bb)
  • Still need help with BlackBoard and Pearson? Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Shelby before you leave tonight!


  • Be sure your students are using the required materials! Workbook, graphing calculator, etc.
  • Bb document: Calculator Competencies
  • Bb document: Course Delivery Guidelines/Protocols/Expectations
  • HLC requirement: Online courses MUST include weekly/module instructions with related content! This would also work well for hybrid and traditional courses! See sample in BlackBoard.


  • Don't forget to turn-in paper Final Exams to Shelby
  • Popcorn - How do you grade exams? All or nothing? partial credit?
  • How do you prepare your students for an Exam?
  • Test Corrections vs. Re-Test? What have you tried and what works best for your students?
  • Standardized time...discuss
  • TestGen - need training?

MISC topics

  • tutoring