The Blueprint Builds What it Designs

The Blueprint of an architect

An architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings.

experts say that, day to day responsibilities involve sketches and design work, and editing drawings with CAD (computer-aided design). An architect will also answer a lot of emails about projects that are currently being built. They meet with their boss, the project architect, at least once a day to discuss current and upcoming jobs. There are job meetings that take place usually once a week per project so they usually go to a job site at least once each day to check on progress. There is a pretty good mix of things that take place inside and outside of the offices. Travel is sometimes required for the job and it will most likely be far away from the area were you live or work.

The 4 C's

When architects design new buildings and spaces for people, they have to be creative. Each client that they design for has specific needs and preferences and it is important that they use their creativity to make unique, functional, and beautiful spaces for them to occupy on a daily basis. Critical thinking is actually used as an early step in creativity. It isn't always easy to accomplish all of the goals that architects want to meet on a given project. For example, there are often site restrictions on the projects that they are involved in. they may be given a very small build area on a lot and they have to think critically about how they are going to meet all of the clients needs with such a small building area. Most of an their day an architect revolves around communicating. This may actually be the most important part of being an architect. Every project stage involves a lot of communication. Early in the process, when they are just meeting the client and understanding what they are looking for in their new space, it is important that they communicate well with so that they can understand exactly what they need to incorporate in their design. Once the design is finished, someone has to actually build the structure. they need to communicate with builders not only verbally but graphically through drawings. It is important that someone can understand all of their ideas just by looking at what they have drawn on a blueprint.