Third Grade News from Mrs. C

May 9th-May 13th

Tidbits From the Teacher

It's time!

We'll be STAAR testing on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We've been reviewing our math, reading, and writing skills for the past two weeks to prepare.

On Friday, May 6th, we'll go over test taking information that will give more insight into the test days: bathroom breaks, using time wisely, showing strategies, phrases I can say, when you can start turning in tests, bubbling answer sheets, tips, etc.

Students will need to do the following items for testing days:

1. Get plenty of rest before AND on testing days so there is no "brain fog" during those crucial testing hours.

2. Eat a protein filled breakfast to keep blood sugars level (oatmeal, yogurts, eggs, etc.)

3. Bring in plenty of easy snacks that have been dumped into baggies. (no plastic boxes, crinkly papers)

4. Everyone needs a water bottle.

5. Dress in comfortable clothes. Shoes can be removed so bring in those comfy, fuzzy socks!

6. Sit on a pillow in your chair if you want. (No words or messages can be on cases/pillows during testing.)

7. Have 2 great books to read after testing is finished. They must be left at school on Friday so they are ready to go on Monday morning!

8. Encourage your child to use reading and math strategies during testing. Talk about taking short mental breaks or taking a walk around the pod to clear their heads before heading back in to work some more. (We'll discuss this on Friday.)

9. Free breakfasts will be served in the cafeteria on Monday and Tuesday. Arrive early if you are planning on eating there. We will start promptly at 8:00 am.

10. Chewing gum, sucking on mints, lollipops, peppermints, etc. is a great help during testing. *We'll check the supply on Friday and send notes if more is needed!

Dates to Remember

May 9th: STAAR Math for 3rd graders

May 10th: STAAR Reading for 3rd graders

May 20th: Field Day & ALL Library Books are due!

May 24th: 3rd Grade Economics Fair 8:30-10:30

May 25th: Math Superstars Party

May 26th: 5th Grade Flugtag Competition at 10am, Seussical the Musical in the evening

May 27th: Student Appreciation Days begin! (continued the last week)

May 30th: Memorial Day Holiday

June 1st: 3rd Grade End of Year Party 10:45-12:15 in grassy area by car pickup

June 2nd: Last Day of School!