Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, May 8th

Google Drive in the Classroom

Let's talk about using Google Drive to make your classroom more productive! Bring your MacBook to the training center at your regularly scheduled lunchtime on Wednesday. Mrs. Seckman and Mrs. Meadows will pick your students up from lunch and take them to recess. You can pick your class up at the end of your regularly scheduled recess time, or stay a little longer to continue working. It's totally up to you!

Tell Me More

What exactly can you do with Google Drive? How about:

  • creating forms for quick and easy student responses?
  • sharing collaborative documents?
  • peer editing?
  • group thinking maps?
  • collaborative presentations?
  • sharing documents with other teachers?
  • combining it with MBC?
  • much, much more!

So... Are You Coming?

Click here to RSVP. Even if you do not plan to come, please click on the link to let us know. Thanks!