Jaden Mobley

About ME

My name is jaden mobley. i go tntermidiate o bridle ridge ischool.i am 11.i am in sixth grade.i was born september 7, 2001.I have a little brother, a mom,a dad, and a step dad.but there is the rest of the family but there is so much i can’t type them all.i like sports.i used to go to raymore elementary.i used to live in prairie village untill second grade.i live in raymore.i hate reading.i have three dogs.and they are all beagles.my brother plays comppetitive soccer and so do i.my dad lives in kansas near downtown.my favorite foods are tacos and pizza.my favorite color is red.my favorite animal is a dog.i play the trumpet in band.we have a lake house at lake pomme de terre.and that is my autobiography.