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What's your motivation?

In life, I believe, there is a reason for everything. It doesn't matter what the 'thing' is, there is a motivator behind it. From the reason you chose the house you live in to what you decided to have for lunch. That reason varies from person to person, but the one thing that doesn't change...there is a reason.

So, what is your reason for joining the Star Factory? Why do you want to see what pursuing Young Living as a business is all about? What motivates you deep down for giving this a second thought?

Know your Why!

Knowing why you're looking into this business will go so far in driving you to reach your goals! Today, I want you to sit down and really think about why you decided to take the leap and start your journey on building a Young Living business.

Dig Deeper

There are two things I want you to realize about your "why". The first is that, it's okay for your why to change over time. It will and it should. Secondly, know that your why should make you dig deep inside yourself and rock you to your core. Your why is going to be the driving force behind your ability to reach your goals. It's what will carry you through on those days that you feel like giving up and it's what will bring so much joy to your life as you see it unfolding in front of you.

Don't short change yourself in coming up with a superficial why or copying someone's why because you think it sounds nice. Your friends reason isn't going to push you through those challenging times; it's Your reason, and your reason alone that will.

How do you know you've created a why for yourself that will get you through? Ask yourself this question "Why?". Ask it until you know without a doubt that you've arrived at your reason, and trust me, you'll know!

Don't just say you want to take your kids to Disney or you want to buy a house. Ask yourself why to really dig deep inside yourself.

Curious what this looks like? Let's look at my personal why...

I thought it would be fun to have some extra money, maybe I could even quit my job. - Why?

If I could quit my job, I could stay home with my son, and the extra money would give us more freedom to not live paycheck to paycheck.
Why? (What will having more freedom do?)

We could go on family vacations, spend time volunteering as a family, and we'd have more money to give to others like our church and organizations that are close to our heart.

We want to teach our son to value other people, cherish relationships, and give so much more than you receive and expect nothing in return. Giving to others and helping people in need, especially children.

Ultimately, we want to have the freedom to make a positive impact in someone's life, especially in the lives of children.

That's our why. It's not going to be accomplished over night, but knowing what we are working towards pushes me every day.

What's your why?