Andrew jackson

this supposed "hero" is, in reality , a total "zero'

The trail of tears destroyed the Natives

Jackson made the natives "move" seem like it was ok to the public , but in reality he destroyed thousands of instant native lives. By making them move the natives lost everything they had and on top of losing everything Jaskson made them the perfect american by crushing their religion and killing the men and women who couldn't learn fast enough

He threaten to kill his own Vice President because of his own tariffs

After leaving most farmers ,in the south, in dept because of his own high price tariffs , South Carolina refused to pay the extra tax on imported good. And with that Jackson threaten to kill South Carolina's governor and Jackson Vice President, John C. Calhoun.

Soon after , South Carolina agreed to pay the tax and asked to lower the tariffs.

Killing the National Bank also killed our Economy

Jackson believed that the national bank was being ran by the devil and wanted to get rid of the bank. So he explained to the common man , that by getting rid of the bank would help them. Of course everyone agreed with him that this would be great for their economy because "he so much like us". After Jackson Split the bank between all the states the economy began to crash. (and burn)

Jackson was not a hero to this centenary's time

Jackson destroyed many political and many culture related things in his time , nearly killing governors , all natives and any one who stud in front of him . This man was not fit for the presidential honor .