The Awesome Comanche

by Vivien,Dylan,Camron,Aayana,and Zainab

We have been researching about the Comanche tribe for a week and a half.We researched about food,appearance,shelter and location,tools,custom/traditions/ceremonies.

Food by Vivien Garcia

  • Comanche hunted large herds of buffalo.
  • They traded or stole crops like corn or squash

Appearance by Aayana Washington

  • The women wore buffalo hides and deer skin as clothing.
  • They also made clothes for families

Shelter and Location by Camron Clark

  • The had to carry their tepees cause they are hunter.
  • They had to live to live in the tepees for a long time .

Tools by Dylan Chen

  • The Comanche used bow and arrows.The bows were made from different woods.
  • They also used scrapers for tanning hides and spoons and ladles carved from woods

Customs/Traditions/Ceremonies by Zainab Faisal

  • There would be a ceremony for a sick tribe member