Growth of Japanese Culture

Japnese Forms of Buddhism- By Cal Liebowitz

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Buddhism arrived in Japan in the 500s. It was introduced by a a man named Prince Shotoku, the religion spread quickly throughout Japan. Buddhism had many different versions but was based around the Buddhist who believed in peace and happiness. The different versions where;

  • Tendai
  • Shingon
  • Amida
  • Pure land
  • Zen

Zen Buddhism

Many of the different versions of buddhism died out but some stayed common, including Zen. Zen means "meditation".Zen became very common in the 1000s. Zen emphasized self-disipline, simplicity, and meditation. Zen is very simple it was based on finding inner peace. Zen had a large impact on the Japanese culture. It effected ,amy people. Samurais thought that it would help there inner self in battle. Artist thought it was bold and simple. Zen later became more spread into the west.

Essential Question

How was japanese Society Affected By Buddhism?
Zen Gardens in Kyoto