Concrete SAMR Examples

4th grade

4th Grade SMORE Description


  • How much have the iPads already been in use in the students' everyday processes?
  • What apps are the students already familiar with?
  • Don't recreate the wheel. If the iPads have been used quite a bit, often just tweaking what you are doing will help you raise the level of SAMR.
  • Take the jump! Try something new! Your students will rise to the occasion with your support!
SAMR in 2 minutes

3 Concrete Examples Used By USD 443 4th Grade Teachers

  • Blogging- Set up a class account with Kidblog. Students can reflect on their learning and respond to their peers' posts as well. Not sure how to get your students to reply to eachother's posts? Try sentence starters found here!
  • Google Docs- Students could share their writing with another student and peer edit virtually using the comment feature. Here is a great resource to share with your kids on how to Peer Edit
  • Showbie- Have students complete Math Exit Tickets with another app.

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