Competition and Exam Results


Dear Parents,

The students in our class performed amazingly well this year. Serena and I had a wonderful year teaching all the kids, answering all their inquisitive questions and listening to their stories. Thanking all kids for participating in the in class activities like memorizing memory verses weekly, donating toys during Christmas and participating in the gratitude book. We had promised kids rewards for participation in these activities and we will hand these to them in class today. All children will also receive an Award of Honor certificate by email. Printed versions will be handed over too hopefully in a week or two.

Listed below are the results of final exams and competitions held during the last few weeks.

Memory Verse Competition

1st Prize – Kezia Liz Kaloor (student is from KG B)

2nd Prize – Kayla P

3rd Prize – Hannah Eapen and Selah Jacob

Story Telling Competition

1st Prize – Kayla P

2nd Prize – Hannah Eapen

3rd Prize – Celeste Jacob (KGB) and Aiden George

Singing Competition

1st Prize - Kayla P

2nd Prize - Kezia Liz Kaloor (KG B student)

3rd Prize - Selah Jacob

Exam Results

Ist place - All four scored 100% marks


Hannah Eapen

Kayla P

Selah Jacob

Sarah Thomas

2nd Place


Aiden George

Mathai Thomas

3rd Place

Daniel Chacko

Also this year the Sunday School committee has decided to reward the participation of students even if they did not make it into the rankings for the competitions.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Serena and Aksa