Re-Walk Robots

by. kylee sifford p.8

task the robots preform

When someone is injured or was born not able to walk they spend there whole life not knowing the joy of walking, but with the re-walks people can have that joy and that freedom to in-joy life and it is just like walking for real.

where is the robot used

You con where the re-walk anywhere you go but it will shock you in the rain or in water. The robot is used in everyday activities like going places.

work envelope

the rewalk can do what you can do so if your not very flexible then the rewalk can only go as much as you can.

picture and video:

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ReWalk - Walk again: Argo's Exoskeleton Technology

multi-functional or only has one use?

The re-walk was only made for one task to help people walk who could not before.

how is the robot taught to preform?

the robot is controlled be the person inside of it so it does not have to know how to work on its own.


  • it helps people walk
  • it comes in all sizes to fit a two year old to a 92 year old


The one huge disavtanage to the rewalk is the outrages price that most human with an injury cant afford

impact of society

the impact of the re-walk is revolutionary it is an invention that has answered so many of the worlds problems. it also has an impact on the people buying them giving them there freedom to walk.

jobs/careers the robot provides

The people who made the robot and manufacture the robot have important jobs. and the people who send the to people and the people who test them and improve them they all get jobs because of the robot.

different tasks in the future

The rewalk could go inside a person so they dont have to have it with them or break it. it could help them walk or be saved with out cutting the limb off.