By: Alondra Rodriguez Lozoya


Did you know that when lava is hard it turns into rock? That's interesting! That only happens if there's a volcano in a country or island.Volcanoes are mountains that explode and that has lava in it. Scientist study volcanoes to get better understanding of how they can effect people, places and environment.

What is a Volcano?

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Volcanoes are formed by hot melted rock called magma that is deep down within the earth. They are found in Hawaii, Japan, Africa south/north America and Australia. Scientists who study volcanoes are called Volcanoligist. They learn and help people with volcanoes.

What are the effects of Volcanoes?


Volcanoes can be hazard to people, places, and environment, but they also have benefits. It effects people by ash falling on houses,buildings and if the ashfall is too heavy, it will be impossible to breath. It effects places and the environment by burning plants and animals, and something might have rocks/gas.