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Local Well known teenager gets murder by a "Greaser"

Teenager by the name Bob Sheldon gets murder in a park

The Teenager by the name Bob was found dead this night by the park. Police say he was "Stabbed and robbed" but the police still don't know if this was a robbery case. Witnesses That heard the whole thing said that "it had been a gang fight". Other witnesses say that "Two Young boys were involved" It's Believed that One the "Young Boys" were involved in the murder of Bob, It's also believed that the 2 boys are on the run and still in the city bounds. Police will continue investigating this case its is also believed that second boy was tried to be drawn by the people that accompanied Bob, Bob accompaniments were interrogated and none of them would state anything. The family of bob addressed the police and the boys who supposedly killed him "Please i hope the police investigates this case and we will do anything to pay the reward on both of the teenagers head's" This is reward is estimated to be $1,000 As of right now please call 1-800-348-4353 for more information about this case

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