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The Together Leader: AP Book Study

All Assistant Principals will be reading The Together Leader: Get Organized for Your Success- and Sanity! by Maia Heyck-Merlin as a book study throughout this year.

AP's are asked to read Chapters 3-5 by October 9 and Chapters 6-8 for November 13. In order to be prepared to discuss the readings at the October AP meeting, please consider the following:

  • When and how will you monitor progress toward your organization or team goals?
  • What are your priorities over the next three months?
  • How will a Meeting Matrix help you better align your time with your priorities?

Upcoming Management Meetings for AP's


  • 14 - AP Learning & Equity Walk - Group B of MS/ HS Cohorts at SOM (SOM, RDR, CVM, BVM, NCM)
  • 15- New AP Support (AP's within their first 3 years), 7:00-9:00 AM, A&B

  • 9 - All AP Meeting (ALL AP's), 4:00-6:00 PM, PDC
  • 10- AP Learning & Equity Walk at MOH (one AP from MVH; ELH; CPH; HH; MOH; SUH)
  • 13 - New AP Support (AP's within their first 3 years), 7:00-9:00 AM, A&B
  • 16 - Student Services through an Equity Lens series (ALL Management), 4:00-5:00, PDC
  • 25 - AP Learning & Equity Walk at CVH (one AP from SOH; OLH; ORH; CVH; BVH; SYH; PAH)
  • 26 - Twilight Workshop (optional professional growth for all leaders), 4:00-6:00 PM, PDC

  • 1-2 - SLT Round 2 (one AP per site to attend as part of team), PDC
  • 3 - New AP Support (AP's within their first 3 years), 7:00-9:00 AM, A&B
  • 7 - SLT Round 2 (one AP per site to attend as part of team), PDC
  • 13 - All AP Meeting (ALL AP's), 4:00-6:00 PM, PDC

You can access the schedule of Amy's site visits with AP teams here. Please make sure you have your site's visits on your calendars!

Feedback Forms

As you know, there is no longer a district walk-through form. Each site is working to develop or refine their own individual process for providing teachers evidence-based feedback from informal walkthroughs. During my site visits this is what we practice:

  • Evidence-based feedback
  • Open-ended, non-judgmental reflective questions

Some of you have asked for a sample list of reflective questions. I told you I wouldn't provide you that list because we need to work together to build our own skills in this area. However, in our discussions, many of you have come to realize that these two starters can lead you to open-ended, non-judgmental reflective questions. This beginning presumes positive intention and allows a teacher to describe his or her practice to you when answering (or thinking about) your reflective question.

  • How do you ...
  • In what ways do you...

Many leaders would like to see examples of what other sites are using for a feedback form. If your site has a feedback form (in any format/style) that you and your principal are willing to share, please email me the form or a link to the form.

Coaching for Impact

The link below leads you to a blog post by Elena Aguilar, the author of The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Teams. This post shares the importance of listening during a coaching conversation.

Want to Become the Best at What You Do? Read This.

This article discusses how to become the best YOU, which will help you find success in any job. The best way to prepare for your next job is to do your current job to the best of your ability.

Leadership Development and Systems Innovation

Dr. Dianna Carberry, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Amy Illingworth, Director of Professional Growth