Get suspended for singing

By Mr. Stewart


I have spoke with the boy in question (Philip Malloy) and he says he got suspended for singing the national anthem. I have also spoken with Dr. Seymour the superintendent of Harrison school district , he say that they have "no such rule" as the student are not allowed to sing the national anthem. After I finished talking with Dr. Seymour I spoke with Dr. Doane the principle of Harrison High. She says that she had "no idea about the suspension of the boy in question because she was a meetings all day" and she tells me that "all Disciplinary problems go to Dr. Palleni" the schools assistant principle so that is who I spoke to after I finished with Dr. Doane. When I spoke to Dr. Palleni he simply said "no comment". I then so to Miss Narwin the teacher of the boy in question. As I spoke to Miss Narwin she say's the boy in question "created a disturbance in the class" but by singing the national anthem. As the principe said they have "no such rule against singing the national anthem".

My opinion

In my opinion I think someone is lying but why lie what punishment would come upon that person. But I think there is more to this story. I believe that someone is not telling the whole or even half of the real story. I will ask more question to the boy in question in order to revel the hidden truth.