How Did You Grow Your Hair so Long?

Try This Below Method!

How did you grow your hair so long?

I feel terrible that I was probably A2A’d this question because of my profile picture. I know people are crazy about hair growth. But since I chopped my hair short a year ago and it’s been growing long again really quickly, I’ll answer.

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Four big hair-growth hitters that have worked wonders for me:

  • Eating lots of good fats (avocado, salmon, olive oil, and eggs are the most prominent ones in my diet)
  • Daily hair masks or deep conditioning (if you’re buying from a store, look for ingredients like olive oil, coconut, avocado, argan oil, etc.) Avoid anything overly fragrant. I’ve found that the plainest, blah-smelling hair masks have worked the best.
  • Combing my hair in the shower. One of those plastic, flat, combs without a handle that fit in your palm are perfect. While the conditioner sits in my hair, I’ll comb it through my hair with a little pressure and give my scalp a nice little massage.
  • Finally, My hair growth supplement! I have tried DivineLocks. I just took a challenge of 3 months for only hairline regaining. And soon after 2 months, I could see the gaps getting filled and I'm still continuing to use it every week.

These are easy things you can do without drastically changing your hair styling routine (how many people can realistically say they like how their hair looks without heat styling it? A very lucky few.)

My hair has grown faster in the past year than it ever has in my entire life.

Even a little extra love can make all the difference :)