Tuesday's Tech Tips

March 4, 2014

Alternatives to Glogster

Glogster is a great presentation tool that is colorful and engaging. However, . . . it is BLOCKED!

Here are a few tools that you can use that create colorful, engaging presentations for classroom use.

Linoit- this is like an online cork board that allows you to "pin" photos, videos, text, post it notes on it. It can be used as a presentation tool.

Here is a simple example that I created for the KIK/Remind 101 training.

Big image


Urturn- This tool is great because students can create a colorful presentation that is easy to use, and can be viewed as an online collage. Users have the ability to like a Urturn posting, to repost it, share it, and also comment on it.

So, it could be good for students to use in the classroom and comment on each others creations.

Click on the example below.


Magnoto is another tool that allows you to pin photos, videos, notes, and blog posts to a background. There are various design options for creating your background.