Help us go to Rome

We are only $3 million short of our goal

You too can help a middle school student "ROAM through ROME"

For just a few thousand dollars a day, or the price of just one luxury sedan, you can help send one of Hogwarts Middle School's bright students to explore the historic wonders of the ancient world, such as the Pantheon (pictured).

We will walk the famous 7 hills of Rome...

We will see the sights of the eternal city, travel the roads that emperors and popes alike have walked and eat where Julius Caesar ate (presumably a Subway or any place that serves Caesar salad).

Meet our chaperones

35% of all proceeds actually go towards the trip!

Meet the Pope!

Francis. The guy with the pointy hat and staff. You can even be like the kid in the video below.

Pope Francis and the little boy who stole the show in the Vatican

With 350 seventh-graders going, probably at least 75% of them will return! (not a guarantee)

And loads of other stuff too!

Click here for some additional information about Rome from a trusted source.* Note: some of the buildings may be broken.

*Source not actually trusted

Permission slips due Tuesday

Courtesy of our lawyers at Shyster, Swindle, & Associates.

(Actual picture of a parent reading permission slip)