Chris Klasen

BA Business Administration

A little bit about me...

I am currently in the United States Navy and have served for over 17 years. I have operated at home and in foreign countries with fighter squadrons, basic electronics instructor duty, Blue Angels, reconnaissance aircraft, and I am currently a Senior Enlisted Leader at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I am married to my wife, Michelle, and have one child, Nathan. We enjoy camping, hiking, the outdoors, sports, and Naval Academy functions. I am currently pursuing my degree in business administration to make me more marketable in the civilian sector. I do not have any specific employment ideas yet but I am looking into the leadership/business consulting market. I would also like to open my own businesses. I chose to be a mentor because I like to help people achieve success. I mentor Midshipmen along with junior sailors and officers so mentoring students through Ashford just seemed to fit. Time management and prioritizing has been the main key to success at Ashford. I have doubled my course load almost the entire time I have been going to Ashford. I have had to juggle work, family, and school to be successful. Time management and prioritizing has made me successful at Ashford and life in general. Having access to computers, a tablet, and phone everywhere I am has also been instrumental to my success.