How Fire Came to the Six Nations

By Natalie and Avery

Event #1

Three Arrows got his first name when he shot down three wild geese from the same flock with only three arrows.

- His name was given him when with three bone-tipped arrows he brought down three flying wild geese.

Event # 2

Three Arrows traveled to a cave to spend a few days of vigil; he was waiting for his totem to appear to him.

- When the grass was knee high, Three Arrows left his village with his father.They climbed to a sacred place in the mountains.

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Event #3

After five days in the cave there still has been now sign of Three Arrows' spirit animal. Three Arrows is very worried that his spirit animal will not come and that he would return to his village as a disgrace.

- His heart was filled with a dark cloud because that morning his father had sadly warned him that the next day, the 6th sun, he must return to his village even if no dream had come.

Event #4

Three Arrows prayed again; pleading for a sign. The wind suddenly turns, Three Arrows was cheered up because that was the wind of the great bear, his clan's totem. Then the thunderbird spoke to him, telling him that his clan's spirit had heard him.

- Then Three Arrows heard it say, "Listen well, Mohawk. Your clan spirit has heard your prayer."

Event #5

The thunderbird made the wind very strong, causing two balsam trees to rub together. The friction caused the trees to catch fire.

- Fascinated, he watched until flickers of flames followed the smoke.

Event #6

Three Arrows realized that the tree on fire or blazing arrow was his totem, and his new name.

- The blazing arrow in the sky was to be his new totem, and his new name - Blazing Arrow.

Event #7

The next morning, Blazing Arrow went down from the cave and rubbed two sticks together till they caught fire; Blazing Arrow had created fire, and he knew that he was to bring fire to the six nations.
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