Adoption Vs. Biological Parenting

How does who your parents are impact you?


When people first choose to adopt they are allowed to adopt for state to state. But the background when a child gets adopted the biological parenting are there legal guardian, but when they are born the adoptive parents become the legal guardian. The adoptive parents have to pay for all the cost in the hostipal. Which its easier when birth parents dont know where there child gets placed because they are not allowed to see them.


With adoptive parenting, nurses think that the children have more of a behavior problem. With biological parenting, they believe since you know everything about your child, if they really do have a problem its easier to recognize. That's because you have your background and maybe if one of their parents had it thats what he has.


The great things with adoptive parenting vs. birth parents is sometimes birth parents can't also take care of the child so thats when the adoptive parents come in common. Also it's a great thing they came up with adoption because some children need parents,and if they need some there is someone out there. When a child stays with there biological parents it might be more of a benefit. It's more of a benefit because you would be able to know your back ground. Also because if you have something wrong with you it might be easy to know what it is of one of your family members had it.


The dangers of being raised by adoptive parents is that childern who were/are adopted tend to not be as happy or have behavior problems. Also some people think being rasied by people who are not your birth parents is not the same as if they were you real parents. Also adoptive parents dont always get some of the same joys as birth parents. But one of the same "joys" are the hospital bills.


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Brooke Harris

Final Thoughts

Basically what I have learned about adoption vs. biological parenting is they are two very different things. Biological parenting is most likely easier because you have all the background you might need. Also because a young child's behavior is better with there biological parents than adoptive. Adoptive parenting is some what harder because you don't have most ( if any) of the background they need. Also adoptive children tend to have more of behavior problems, which could put them behind in school and other things in life. One thing that adoptive parents and biological parents have in common is they both get to raise a beautiful baby.