Monday Memo

Week # 16 : December 1, 2014

Dates to Note

Saturday, December 6: Faculty Holiday Party - it's gonna be legendary!
Tuesday, December 9: Lower Cook Day

Thursday, December 4: 2nd Dose of flu-mist - 9am start time

Friday, December 5: Lower to East Noble play
Wednesday, December 10: Primary Cook Day

Thursday, December 10: Upper Team basketball game Garrett
Thursday, December 11: Boys Basketball Game @ Canterbury (Fort Wayne)
Friday, December 12: Infant/Toddlers Closed

Friday, December 19: 10:30-11:30 AM Rec Room Middle School Puppet Performance-All Primary & Lower classrooms are invited!

A note from Kelly

Deadline for Ordering and Check Requests in December
I will be out of the office as of the 15th of December, so if you have any orders that need to be placed or check requests that you would like to turn in please do so by the morning of Thursday, December 11th. This will ensure that everything gets processed before I'm out of the office. Thanks for your understanding.

Notes from Sarah Shanton-Cox

December: No Voluntary Payroll Deductions

December is free of voluntary payroll deductions for health, dental, life and AD&D. Please look for them to start again effective January 1st. Enjoy some extra cash in your pockets for the holidays!

End of Year Payroll Items:

Please notify Sarah if you have had a change of address during 2014 so that your county of residence information can be updated for tax purposes. Also, if you are looking to make any changes with any payroll items to begin in January, now is the time to do so.

December Newsletter Due Date and Reminders:

With Winter Break right around the corner, the December newsletter will be published on Friday, December 19th, therefore the due date for all submissions is Friday, December 5th.

As a reminder, features should include:

1-3 paragraphs in length (tell a story about level happenings),

Have 3 - 8 good quality pictures (smart phones not always best),

Articles should be proofed and edited by your coordinator then emailed to Sarah S-C on or before the due date.

Please take note that January submissions will be due on or before January 16th.

A note from Macy

There is a large box of sea shells in the Vic House office area... they were brought in on Grandparents Day. Any ideas who these belong to?! Come and take them if they are yours!

Invitation to see Sonnie McFarland

Touching the Hearts of Children Through Mindfulness and Love

Keynote Address by

Sonnie McFarland

Where: Montessori School of Westfield

800 Sycamore

Westfield, IN 46074

When: Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cost: $30.00 per person

RSVP: Mary Lyman by December 19th,

8:30a.m. Registration

9:00a.m. Presentation begins

12:00 – 1:00p.m. Lunch included

4:00p.m. Presentation ends

Sonnie McFarland’s books will be available for sale.

“It is only the power of love that can enable the adult to come close enough to the child to understand him. Love and humility will unlock for us ‘the secret of childhood’ and enable us to understand the inner significance and true meaning of Dr. Montessori’s work.” - Margaret Stephenson

To touch the heart of the child requires that each of us connect with our own heart or Spirit of Love. When we make this connection, we are able to “SEE” the authentic natures of the children and know how to intuitively “BE” with them. The more children are “SEEN”, the more peaceful they will be.

Sonnie will share her thoughts on how mindfulness is a key to touching both our hearts and the hearts of the children. She will discuss and demonstrate various ideas and skills to center in Love—the source of Peace.