Bald Eagle Project

Why Bald Eagles almost went Exitinct


The Bald Eagle went extinct for many reasons and the major one is DDT this flyer will talk about how the bald eagles almost went extinct. (Video at the bottom click the Video button and it will take you to the video).


In the video it talks about the Bald Eagles and so the DDT almost made the Bald Eagles go extinct. The process is the DDT is sprayed, the plants have DDT in them, the zoo plankton eat the plants, the tiny fish eat the zoo plankton, the salmon eat the tiny fish, eagle eats the salmon, eagle lays eggs, the DDT made the egg shell soft, eagle trys to pick it up, squish it, it dies.That is how the population doesn't go up because they don't even get out of its shell.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bald Eagles and DDT

Q:Was there enough food for the bald eagles in the food’s environment? A:Yes
Q:Did you think the bald eagle evolved enough to survive in it’s environment? A:No
Q:Did the humans kill the bald eagles because they wanted the salmon that the bald eagles eating? A: No
Q: Does the bald eagles beak give it advantage while catching fish? A: Yes
Q: Did the humans shoot the eagles? A: Yes

Bald Eagle

That is why Bald Eagles almost went extinct. But thhe people around the Bald Eagles took action and banned DDT from the US. And now the Eagle level is back to normal. :)