What if Humans could fly?

What if humans could fly, almost like birds.

What If humans could fly?

I have always wanted to be able to fly like a bird. To have a lot of that freedom to go where ever I want whenever I want. So the question is what if humans were able to fly, just like birds, or have some kind of power to allow them to fly? Yes, it is a little far-fetched but just the thought is pretty amazing. Yes, we do have opportunities to fly, like on airplanes or skydiving but it's just not the same. There's restrictions on the flying part of skydiving and riding in a airplane, but without those restrictions and if you had the ability to fly you would have the sense of freedom while you're gliding through the air. So what would life be like?

So another basic idea is that if humans were able to fly life would not be all that different from now. There would be some differences, but not as many as you think. For example, you would think that if all humans were able to fly everywhere they wouldn't need cars, planes, trains, and other forms of transportation. That's probably not true, even though humans are able to fly you would still need those forms of transportation, for quick, easy or more efficient ways for people to do their jobs, and to transport goods. And did you ever think about the old and sick, even though they have wings it doesn't help them overcome the weaknesses that they might face. So they would still have things for people who are only able to walk freely, like for example sidewalks. So if all of a sudden people were able to fly life would pretty much go on the same way that it always did.

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The Perks

Wouldn't you want that freedom, to just fly. To fly from anything? Then just think of that freedom to just fly like a bird. Think of all the possibilities you would have. If you were stressed out over something and you want to be alone, and you had that ability. You could relieve yourself, from any type of stress you have, and just fly. Or if you just wanted to have that fun to do something dare devilish and fly, you could do that.

Has it been done before?

Yes, it has been done before. In movies, like superman for example. Superman could fly. But was it real? No, sadly it wasn't, and it never was real for humans to be able to fly. Will it ever happen? Maybe it will. Or maybe it won't. We don't know for sure. Has it been tested? Yes, it has always been put to the test, but they were never successful. There have been studies that if birds have wings where did they get them from, and people have the idea that it was evolution, so people think that over time we might develop something to give us the ability to fly.
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^^^~For now...we could only dream of this~^^^

What would you do if you could fly?

If I could fly, I don't think I would fly that much. I would only fly, for just the pure fun of it, or if I really needed to get somewhere, then I would fly. So think to yourself. What would you do if you could fly?