Twitter in the Classrom

Rod Smith

Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments.

One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in their classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes.

Provide the class with a running news feed.

Subscribe to different mainstream and independent news feeds with different biases as a way to compare and contrast how different perspectives interpret current events and issues.

Coordinate assignments.

Rather than keeping up with an e-mail train, students can use Twitter to collaborate on different projects and keep a quick reference on any changes.

Webinar Refelction

I jumped on the Social Media band wagon during the introduction of Facebook and I was immediacy hook on the possibilities it could provide for education. However I was easily distracted when I discover lots of old friends from high school and college. I was catching up with those old friends that I had not seen in years. Facebook quickly became a time draining activity for me. What happen to the educational benefits that lead me to get excited about it in the first place. My first year on Facebook drained more than 10,000 hours of my life that I will never get back. So, when I started my Masters Program I deactivate my account and vowed to stay away from Social Media altogether and then my Superintendent decided that wanted a Twitter account because he read that it was a great way to keep the community engaged. No way did I want to do this but if he was going to have a Twitter account, then I would have to have one to help him navigate the way. So, I create a Twitter account for the both of us. then Googled the keyword "Twitter" and I have not looked back since.

Social Media tools Like Twitter and Facebook can play a valuable role in student learning if approached with the right objectives. The Webinar "Twitter in the Classroom" is a great example of how Twitter can be use to enhance the learning process. It was very informational and the presenter provided great ideas for using Twitter in the classroom. The ideas were simple and easy to understand even for someone who knew nothing about Twitter.

By Rod Smith

Twitter for Teachers

Rod Smith - Director of Technology and Communications