School Store

Code Of Ethics

Handling Cash and Checks

Employees of the school store will never steal money from the registers. Also they will give back change currently to the customer. If a school store employee were to steal or not meet these standers there will be punishments involving law enforcement.
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Negotiating Prices

Employees are only allowed to sell items at the price established. Employees cannot raise the price of products to gain money from the customer, and also they cannot drop the price to benefit the customer. Any price change must be ran by Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Sayre first.

Handling Shoplifters

Employees of the school store are never supposed to confront or apprehend a shop lifter but simply report it. If you see shoplifting and don't report it you are viewed as a shoplifter and are just as guilty. They will receive the same punishment and will be removed from the marketing program.
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Employee theft

If employees are caught steeling merchandise or cooperating to steel merchandise they will be punished by the school and law enforcement. This action will also result in that employee or employees being kicked out of marketing.

Keeping Store Clean and free of bacteria

Maintaining the store cleanliness is important because the store has to meet health standards. Simple tasks like sweeping, moping and using bacteria spray will be done by every employee. If the the store is ever below health standards it will be shut down and hurt the business drastically.

Selling damaged merchandise

The school store will never sell damaged merchandise for original price or if it is harmful to the customer. A customer that returns with damaged merchandise will immediately be reimbursed.

Telling the customer the truth

Employees of the school store will not lie to customers. The school store wants to hold a honest and trustworthy image and employees cannot lie and ruin that image.

Accounting Procedures

Employees will drop the register every day and keep track of all sales. The accounting will be completed and checked over by someone else to ensure accuracy. Money will then be dropped off daily to the school treasurer.
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Handling employee performance problems

Employees with problems should be addressed immediately to ensure that the other employees do not have the same problems.

Merchandise return policy

An item that is trying to be returned needs to ran by Mrs. Sayre and Mr. Johnson. Instead of giving money just replace the item with a undamaged one or something of equal value.