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Great Technology News for the week! Our school has purchased 182 student laptops that will be going into our homeroom classes beginning Tuesday! There will also be 2 carts of laptops that teachers will be able to check out and use in the classroom for full class research and activities. This is wonderful news for our school--getting current technology into the hands of our students increases engagement and 21st Century Learning!

Spelling Bee Champs at Acworth!

Congratulations to Bayan El Abbadi and Lucy McColloch for their great performance in our Spelling Bee on Thursday! Bayan finished in first place and Lucy finished second--Bayan will represent Acworth in the County meet coming soon!

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Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team to Compete Saturday at McEachern HS!

Our HRRB Team will compete against 30 other Cobb elementary schools this Saturday. Our team has done a GREAT job getting ready and will make a great showing on Saturday. Our coaches include Second grade teacher Erica Matthews, Math Specialist Melanie Miller, and Fifth grade teachers Regina Harris and Mary Southall. Our team is in its third year and is looking forward to competing again this year.

Students on the team read up to 16 books and answer questions about the books in a Round format. We will have 6 rounds of 10 questions each--using buzzers to try and be first to answer! It is fun and challenging!
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ALC Schedule Next Week

Next Week: Some interesting things scheduled are:

  • Dictionary Skills with Matthews second grade
  • Research/Genius Hours with Myers, Hurley, Morris and Miller
  • Small groups with Morris and Kimbrough
  • MLK Story Share

The schedule for next week is below:

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