Archetypes Examples

By: Emma and Triston

The Manipulator: Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who lives in the Shire, and is asked to join a wizard named Gandalf in an unexpected journey. The task is to help a dwarf named Thorin to retrieve back his homeland. Bilbo starts out unsure about most things and often wants to shy away from danger, wishing that he was back in his comfy cottage. However, Bilbo becomes courageous and brave throughout the story, and with him being a small hobbit, it allows him the ability to sneak past which comes in handy many times. He can be characterized as a manipulator because he can easily outwit people to get what he wants. An example of this would be when Bilbo and Gollum have a game of riddles. Bilbo easily outsmarts him and gets out of the cave.
The Hobbit - Riddles In The Dark - Wet Crunchy Little Eggses - Full HD

The Masquerader: V

V is a man of unknown origin who was captured and put into a Britain concentration camp. Him and other people who didn't fit as "normal" people to the British government (gays, Jews, blacks, etc.) were experimented on in many torturous ways to alter their physical and physiological attributes. Through these experiments, V gains knowledge in skills that he has never even used before such as explosives, politics, chemistry and unarmed combat. He also has an increased strength. He one day uses his explosive skills to break out of jail and then goes on to use his power of words to rally the people of Britain to rebel against the harsh government. (Not to mention a few executions and blowing up parliament) The reason that I define V as a masquerader is because he uses a mask kind of as a symbol. He not only lets this mask define him as a character but also uses it as a symbol of hope for the people of Britain. It brings a level of intimidation to his enemies and throughout the movie and novel he never really reveals his face (except for one scene) which really proves he makes it his identity. Also, at the end of the story, the thousands of protestors that march to the Capitol of Britain are all wearing V's mask which once again proves that it's a symbol of rebellion.

V for Vendetta - final revolution scene

The Suitor: Peeta Mallark

Peeta Mallark is a young man from district 12. His father is a baker so his family has always had a way to survive in the harsh district. The day of the reaping was a usual annual event that he thought nothing of, until his name was called. This was the turning point in his life as he has to enter the Hunger Games. He's handsome, very strong and has always felt something for Katniss Everdeen, the female that was chosen to go to the games. Peeta and Katniss begin to develop a bond and because of everything that they have been through together. Peeta is characterized as a suitor because he uses his charm and cunning ability to woo Katniss in the games. The two end up falling in love as they share their experiences together.
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