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Attempted Murder!

During a tour in Sarajevo Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Wife Sophie were riding down the street when Gavrilo Princip threw a bomb in their direction .
No word on the Duke or Duchess however dozens of citizens were killed or injured. Killer is Givrilo Princip, known as 1 of 6 members of a Serbian group, "The Black Hand" who are looking for revenge on Austria-Hungary.
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Killer Known as Gavrilo Pricip!

The man behind the shooting is known as Gavrilo Princip, He is one of 6 known members of the Serbian group, The Black Hand. looking for Revenge on Austria-Hungary. He is 1 of 6 known members. Unnamed witnesses say he attempted to turn the gun on himself after he shot and killed the Duke and Duchess when it was taken from him from a bystander who threw himself ontop of the killer, and an angry mob of people attacked him as he was wrestled away by police. After a 12 day trial, Princip was sentanced top 20 years in Prison which was the maximum penalty since he was only 19 at the time.