Colonial Craftsmen

By: Michael Broderick


Did you know that in colonial times people had to make things manually. Blacksmiths made things out of iron. Coopers made barrels and household items out of wood. Carpenters built all of the buildings. These men were very hard workers.


Blacksmiths worked very hard at their jobs. Blacksmiths were people who made and repaired iron objects. First blacksmiths heated iron in a forge. Last they hammered the iron on an anvil to shape and weld it. They would shape and weld objects such as hinges, latches, andirons, horseshoes, farm tools, and household tools. Blacksmiths made a lot of iron objects but out of all of them horseshoes were the most important. Horseshoes were the most important because a lot of people owned and rode horses so they didn't want the horses feet to get injured. In conclusion Blacksmiths worked very hard.


Coopers were an important type of colonial woodworker. Coopers were so important every ship going on a voyage had to have a Master Cooper on board. On a ship a Coopers job was to take care of the casks. If a Cooper was in a village his job was to make barrels and household items. The main type of wood Coopers used was oak. Sometimes he would use other types of wood such as white oak, hickory, cedar, pine, or ash. In conclusion Coopers were very important in colonial times.


Carpenters were very strong workers in colonial times. In colonial times Carpenters were people who built all of the buildings. They worked in groups to get the job done. One group of Carpenters made posts to support the building. The next group of Carpenters built the building. Another group of Carpenters put panels and fancy flooring in the building. The last group of Carpenters put the roof tiles on the building. In conclusion Carpenters were the strongest workers in colonial times.


In colonial times craftsmen did some pretty cool stuff. Blacksmiths make tons of things out of iron. Coopers made lots of important and useful things out of wood. Carpenters made buildings with only their strength. In conclusion colonial craftsmen were incredible at what they did


Andirons: metal supports that hold wood burning in a fireplace.

Forge: a place where objects are made by heating and shaping metal.

Hinge: usually a metal piece that attaches to a door, gate, etc. to allow it to open and close.

Latch: a type of lock that can be opened from the inside by turning a lever or a knob

Panels: to cover a wall, ceiling, etc. with flat pieces of wood, glass, etc.


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