Ashley - My Planet


symbol of Earth

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How Earth got its name

Earth got it's name by the mother of mountains,valleys,and streams.

How Earth was discovered

Earth was discoverd by ancients.

What Earth looks like

Earth looks like mountains,valleys,streams,rivers,ocean,lakes,island,and seas.

Distances of Earth

Order of the Sun: third

Distance from the sun in AU: 1.00Au

in km: 150 Million of km

Distance from the Earth in AU:

in km:

Orbit and Rotation of Earth

Number of days to orbit around the sun: 365.6 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 24 hours in a day

Water froms of Earth

rivers,oceans,lakes,and seas.

Weather on Earth

it can be rainy,sunny,thunder storms,hurricans,and torandos.

Rings and Satellites on Earth

Earth only has about one satellite.

Exploration to Earth

we all aready know that humans live on Earth because it is the ONLY planet with life in the solar system

Human Colony on Earth

I think humans can survive on my planet because it is the only planet with life.

Picture of Earth

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Atmosphere and Temperature on Earth

Earth has in the atmosphere nitrogen,oxygen,and argon and in Average temerature can be

72'c and [45'F]