Fastpitch Nation

Abby P. 7-713


FPN (Fastpitch Nation) is a regulation size, clay field that is perfect for softball or Little League baseball. It has a reduced size artificial turf outfield. Above left field to center field sits a large grandstand behind a fence for viewers to enjoy the game from the best seats in the house. The field includes 60' base paths and movable pitching rubbers.

FPN Perks

21' dugouts, an enclosed bullpen for each team, a giant electronic scoreboard, 5 spacious batting cages with fully retractable netting measuring 14'x50'x20' high, and 5 pitching lanes with real clay pitching rubber areas.


FPN by Studenteleven

20 Angels in the Outfield

December 26-28, 2012, FPN held a softball tournament to raise money for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. They aimed to raise $10,000 but instead raised nearly $21,000.

On Dec. 26, a make-shift 12U Newtown team played against the Monroe 12U travel softball team in a friendly game to show their connectedness. The Newtown team was made up of 11 girls from different teams including The Brewster Rockets, The CT Wicked, and the Newtown 12U Travel Softball team.
20 Angels in the Outfield Tournament.m4v

Rules and Safety

Only rubber cleats are allowed on the field. No metal cleats. The entire field is enclosed in a chain link fence and netting for player and spectator safety.

Where can you find it?

62 Douglas Street Bloomfield, CT 06002
(phone) 860-242-0055