Santiago Rules and Policies

Rules Updates

Rules Assembly
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Reminder: Tardy to class after 1st Block/Period will result in a Saturday School.

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Office Hours

Dress Code

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Student Arrival/Campus Entry

In an effort to improve the student drop-off/pick-up experience at Santiago High School, the city of Corona Traffic Department, Corona PD, and CNUSD administration collaborated over the summer to make some updates to assist with traffic congestion. Please review the “Student Drop-off/Pick-up Map” to determine which of the 3 student loading/unloading zones will be most convenient for your arrival plans to campus each morning.

In addition, please review the following updates that were made to the traffic circulation, and plan accordingly.

1. All loading and unloading zones for school buses have been moved into the Senior Parking Lot behind the L and K buildings to remove them from the flow of traffic through the three student loading zones (see map for more details).

2. There will be no student drop-off or pick-up in the Senior Parking Lot before or after school. This parking lot is for school buses and senior parking only.

3. All 4 lanes of the east student loading zone (south of the baseball fields) have been opened to family vehicles for student loading and unloading. The buses will no longer be using these traffic lanes.

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Student Campus Entry

In our continuous efforts to improve campus safety and security, we have established two student entrances to be used while students are entering campus before school. This will help school staff to more closely monitor who is entering campus each day. Please review the included student entry map to identify which of the two entrances is most convenient for your arrival at school each day.

Also, please review the following highlights from our campus arrival/entry guidelines for students so you are prepared to arrive at your 1st/2nd period class on time, every day.

  1. All student entrances will close at 8:28 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (9:48 on Wednesdays) to allow for the security staff and administration to properly prepare and secure the campus for the start of the 1st/2nd period
  2. All students who arrive at school after 8:28 are required to enter through the front office (near the flagpole) and check in through the attendance office to acquire your Minga Pass and a 1st/2nd Period Tardy - Lunch Detention Slip.
  3. Doctor’s or dentist’s notes or court documentation are required to excuse ALL tardies/absences
  4. Traffic or parking-related tardies/absences are not excused

NOTE: ALL non-student visitors are required to check in at the front office and present a physical state or government-issued ID. Digital photos, paper copies, work IDs, etc. are not permitted as a valid ID for entry onto campus during the school day, or to sign out a student.

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1st/2nd Period Tardies/Lunch Detention Policy

In response to student, parent, and teacher concerns regarding the unusually high amount of 1st and 2nd-period tardies during the 2022-23 school year, Santiago High School will be implementing a new tardy policy to help protect teaching and learning. Therefore, please review the new 1st/2nd Period Tardy - Lunch Detention Policy flowchart, to ensure you are fully prepared to be on time every day, ready to learn.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Paper or email copies of doctor’s/dentist’s notes or court documentation are required to excuse ALL tardies/absences

  2. Traffic or parking-related tardies/absences will not be excused.

NOTE: To allow for students and families to make necessary adjustments to their morning routine to arrive at school on time, there will be a 9-day grace period. During the grace period, all student tardies will be recorded in Student/Parent Connect, but the student will not have to serve the 15-minute-long lunch detention in the Shark Tank.

Starting Monday, August 21st, 2023, ALL tardy and attendance policies will be in full effect, including any associated consequences.

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Student Lunchtime Expectations

To ensure a safe and enjoyable lunch experience for students and staff, and to protect the teaching and learning that is occurring in nearby classrooms, please review the following expectations for student behavior during lunchtime.

1. Students are required to remain inside the quad area, and off the “ribbon” which includes all lower-level exterior hallways/cement walkways. (See the blue areas highlighted on the following map)

2. All interior hallways (upper and lower levels) are closed to students during lunch.

3. The fields are off-limits during lunchtime unless a student is in their PE class with their assigned teacher.

4. Please place all trash and uneaten food into the trash receptacles placed throughout the quad area. 5. DO NOT open any gates/entrances for any student, staff, or visitors during lunch. 6. Students with off-campus lunch passes must present their Minga ID for scanning prior to leaving.

Out of Bounds

Santiago Out of Bounds
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Student Sign-in & Sign-out (during the school day) and Early Dismissal

Please review the following guidelines to help ensure the safety and security of all students and staff.


  1. ONLY a legal guardian or emergency contact (over the age of 18) listed in the student’s Parent Connect/Q profile may sign out a student during the school day. They must present a physical active government-issued picture ID that matches the name entered in the student’s contacts list in Parent Connect/Q profile (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  2. The front office staff will contact the student’s teacher during instructional time to send them to the office.
  3. To allow for the office, security, and administration staff to prepare the campus for a safe egress of students at the end of the school day, there will be no early sign-out during 5th/6th period, AFTER 3:00 pm.
  4. ALL non-student visitors are required to check in at the front office and present a physical state or government-issued ID. Digital photos, paper copies, work IDs, etc. are not permitted as a valid ID for entry onto campus during the school day, or to sign out a student.

Student Use of Electronics in the Classroom

To protect the teaching and learning in classrooms, please refamiliarize yourself with the electronics use policy.

  • Teachers have FULL discretion on the use of ALL electronic devices in their classroom (phones, watches, tablets, computers, headphones, etc.)
  • Santiago HS prohibits the use of cellphones, earbuds, headphones, etc. while teachers are teaching or speaking to the class unless the teacher clearly states that they are needed for executing the assigned activity or assignment
  • The use of electronics that violate the teacher’s classroom expectations or policies may result in the teacher/staff confiscating the device and checking it into the office for parent sign-out at the end of the school day.
  • Student electronics used to make threats, promote, arrange, record, share, or post fighting/violence, etc., is subject to confiscation and search by district personnel and law enforcement.
  • Students who resist complying with the teacher’s electronic use policy and/or disrupt the teaching or learning of others may be escorted to the office by security/admin.
  • Recording students, teachers, and staff in the classroom/other facilities without permission is prohibited and may result in consequences including but not limited to the confiscation of the student’s device/s, suspension, expulsion, arrest, etc.
  • For student confidentiality and privacy reasons, ALL cell phone use is prohibited while in the AP office
  • Per board policy, students may lose the ability to use their personal devices on campus and may lose the ability to use the district’s internet or electronic devices.