Warren Warriors

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I like to think of basketball as a team sport that helps you stay in shape. Some of its good qualities is:staying in shape, make friendships, be able to learn more about it, and last but not least it helps you get ready for highschool basketball, maybe college even. Although this Sprite had some good qualities it has some bad effect such as:you have to wake up at the crack of dawn, or maybe if you have a failing grade then you can't participate in 3 weeks worth of playing time.


What do you think of when people say the word art? A lot of people will just say all you do is draw and paint, but that's not all. Art shows you creativity and you make relationships thorough your work. Some good things about Art is: show your words through the painting, you always have fun, when you get older you can make some money off of it, also if your good enough then you can be in advanced Art. Even though ther is some good things about art you still have to worry about if the teacher thinks your artwork is good enough to show or if she just is not a fan.

Off-Season class🏃🏻

Mostly Off-season purpose is to help you stay in shape. Some good reasons to join off-season class is so you don't have to play the sport or if you like running you will love it then. Also it puts you in shape while you can impress the coaches. Even though you get out of the sport you still have to run a lot along with people throwing up.

Bible Study👼🏼🙌🏻

Bible study is one of my favorites because it's purpose is so you get to learn about God and what he has done for us. Bible Study is a lovely activity that Warren has put in this year of 2015-2016. Bible study helps you get to know more about God, you get to help others learn about God. Also you get to interact with people that know about God and it doesn't conflict with the girls athletics, but it does with boys athletics.


Volleyball is a team sport that helps you with your coordination. Some reasons to join this sport are: It keeps you in shape, you get to destroy the other teams, you get to learn more about the people around you, and it's a learning curve. There are some bad things to this which are; having to wake up at the crack of dawn, and when you have a drop ball in a game you have to run a mile for every drop ball.