8 characteristics of life

By: Allie Franzen

Butterflies- population

  • Butterflies have been decreasing over the past year, due to low food sources.
  • 90 percent of Monarch butterflies has decreased in the past 20 years.
  • Head down south, during the winter season.

Butterflies- Biosphere

  • In Mexico city, billions of Monarch butterflies come to one stop in Autumn every year.
  • The butterflies come late-October to kind there new home in a high tree in the mountain.

Butterfies- Ecosystem

  • 28,000 species of butterflies
  • 80 percent are found in tropical locations
  • Pollinate plants and flowers
  • food sources

Butterflies- Community

  • Stay in warmer climates
  • Leave to a warm climate when the seasons change

Butterflies- Organism

  • an individual living thing
  • butterflies are individual living thing but at times to come together

Butterflies- Groups of Cells

  • abdomen, antenna, compound eye, fore wing, head, hind wing, leg, proboscis, thorax are the body parts to a butterfly
  • head, thorax, abdomen, segment, horn, prolegs, spiracle, true legs, mandibles, anal prolegs are all the parts of a caterpillar
  • Only the thorax and the abdomen are the thing the caterpillar shares when it turns into a butterfly

Butterflies- Cells

  • Butterflies have eukaryotic cells
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Butterflies- Molecules

  • example- heads, wings