Anime RPG Horror and shows

By: Nelly Perez

Best four anime

Have you ever wondered about anime? Do you love horror movies on movie nights? I suggest you watch Misao and Ib for horror. Misao can give you jumpscares while Ib shows a story of a girl who goes to an art gallery that changes her mind. Darker Than Black and Heta Oni with action adn science fiction.


Misao is a game and you could watch it played by YouTubers or play it yourself on computer. Sleeping overtime, Aki hears a voice in her head when she wakes up to get ready for school. Try to pay attention to the storyline and how Misao was designed. Aki gets to school and thinks about Misao since she disappeared for three months.This was created by Sen who also made "Mad Father". Pewdiepie played this game and you can watch his videos on his channel. Off topic but you can watch it being played and watch his reactions to it.


Most likely the genre would be horror and the story line is great if you choose correctly. This is an RPG horror game and Ib doesn't talk much but in the game you choose what she'll say. Ib is a nine year old girl who goes to an art gallery with her parents that has collected works of Guertena. As Ib walks around, she stumbles upon a painting that fills the wall.When you play the game, there are gonna be question marks in the text that won't be asking questions because there are some words that Ib doesnt know.

Darker Than Black

There is Science Fiction, Action, Technoir, Neonoir, Supernatural, and Thriller. Hei is known as "Black Reaper" at night when he goes out at night.People may see him as an ordinary boy but don't undersetimate him as that because he is way more than that. There is a place known as Hell's gate. That place has a large gate that surrounds the front of the city and it's kinda like an arena but they say that a star is missing,that person is too.

Heta Oni

Heta Oni is a crossover with Hetalia and Ao Oni which is Blue Demon in Japanese. This happens when one of the nations hear that there's an abandoned mansion within the mountains that no one has ever seen. They say it's haunted and there's a beast there.The beast resembles America's friend, Tony but this is different.The Axis and the Allies do what they can to stay alive. Just so you know this is a game too but it's a horror game that can be played on computer.