The Raft

S. A. Bodeen

Chapters 1-4

Robie is in Honolulu Hawaii visiting her aunt AJ and she gets her nose pierced. Robie lives on Midway Island with her parents who are scientist but she comes to visit her aunt frequently. AJ and Robie have a spectacular relationship and they are very close. Unexpectedly AJ gets called to work in Los Angeles and agrees to let Robie stay at her apartment alone. At first Robie is excited to be alone for the week, but when she gets confronted by the strange man that calls her Lucy and grabs her by her hair she doesn't want to stay in Honolulu anymore. So she decides to take the next supply flight back to Midway Island and her parents. The plane flies through storms and the ride is turbulent.

Making Connections...

Making Connections #1

In the beginning Robie is getting her nose pierced. I used to have my nose pierced but it fell out. She also gets a temporary tattoo. When kids are little and want a tattoo there parents can go to the store and buy them fake ones.

Making Connections #2

Robie is watching net flux in her aunt AJ's living room. The connection that I can make for that is people actually do watch Netflix. If there is a movie they really like and they can't find it anywhere they can make a Netflix account and watch it on there.
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When people get hungry and they have money and don't want to cook they can go to a place called McDonald's. In the book, Robie goes to McDonald's after she wakes up.

Making Connections#3

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As Robie is walking home this drunk guy comes up to her and is screaming at her and pulling her hair. She is home alone for the rest of the night and she is scared and paranoid that the man is going to come and get her. When I heard about her being scared because she is home alone I thought about the movie called Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
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For the rest of the night Robie stays in AJ's room because she doesn't want to have to walk around in the dark to get to a bathroom. AJ's room has an attached bathroom.

Making Connections #4

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When Robie goes to the airport to go home everything is so chaotic. Because the person that is usually there making everything calm is out sick. So it's a little hard to get through the airport because of all the people and stuff.
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In the book, Robie is so comfortable on the plane because she knows the pilot really well because he is the one who fly's the plane every time she comes to Honolulu. My little brother fly's down here 3 times out of a year and he always gets comfortable with his tablet and plays games or takes of his shoes and goes to sleep.