Pioneers Informative

by Lydia c.


Through the 1700-1900 there were groups formed called pioneers. They suffered many deaths and hardships. Through there hard journey to the new states. The pioneers formed what we now know of the U.S.A. today. During that time money was hard to get and so the traveling was horrid.


The pioneers usually had a wagon which included, guns cooking utensils, tools, food, house hold supplies, wagon bedding, and treasures. Every inch was used because the wagon was 12 feet long and 4-3 across. Some of the reasons they traveled was for, lumber, furs, metal, a better life, farming, land. The schedule was to wake up at 4am. And be ready to travel at 7am. In midday they rested.


Most people came to farm. The kids, fed chickens, picked berries and nuts, gather fuel. Older kids plowed, planted, picked hay ,did laundry, and kitchen chores. But even though they worked super hard they had time to have fun. Like going on a hay ride or going to town. The buildings in town were very different than at home. There was log cabins and that was there home not bricks


The dangers were high but the attacks were not usual. There were a lot of sickness. The other dangers were storms , wagon crossings, and rivers. A LOT OF PEAPLE DIED!!! Because of these dangers, at times there was a loss of people.

thank you pioneers

The pioneers journey had a lot of sorrow. The pioneers were the founders of our country. They found new states, new life, and new people. They worked very hard. They also made a new way of life.


The book Pioneers by KIDS DISCOVER