Rodent Racers

Take a look at what's racing into stores!

Based on the hit novel, After Iris by Natasha Farrant. (Realistic Fiction)

Do you love racing? Crossing the finish line with the victory of first place? There's only one thing that could make this sport better. Now, you'll see more than just your race car speeding along the track; it won't just be you holding your hands high in joy, but your favorite furry friend too! With the comfort and safety of a padded room inside, your hamster, rat, mouse or gerbil can ride in the winning vehicle!

Jasmine Gadsby (8) is one of the fictional characters from hit novel, "After Iris", a story perfectly displaying the wild chaos of a large family. Throughout her crazy family's life, Jasmine and her older brother Twig (10) find happiness and joy in racing their three pet mice. "I've got a Jag XK120...The rats love it, they really do." says Jasmine. This remote control car is a safe and comfortable way to keep your kids and their pets busy for hours, so you can get take a break from all the chaos. Simply open the side door, put them in, and begin! Inner walls are padded to keep riders safe and out of harm's way! All that's left to do is race to your nearest pet or toy store, and 'start your engines'!

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