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Week of January 31st - February 4th

Important upcoming dates!

January 31st: Semester 2 begins

February 4th: Professional Learning Day - NO SCHOOL

General Information

Did you have an ill or isolating child at home during exam week? Don't worry, we have a plan...

Our goal at SSS it to give all students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning in their respective classes despite COVID isolation requirements. At this time, we wish all students who are ill and/or isolating a speedy recovery. Once you are fully recovered we will make arrangements for you to complete your exams keeping in mind the following:

  1. We expect that ALL students will write their final exams.
  2. If a student was not able to come in due to illness/isolation we will either: a) delay their exam to later in the exam week, or b) if they cannot return by the end of the semester we will input a zero as a placeholder for the final exam mark and once they return, and are able to write, we will arrange a time to complete the assessment.
  3. Teachers will prepare an alternate exam that is the same difficulty and format as the original.
  4. Once the final assessment is completed the school will send the updated mark to Alberta Education for immediate update.

Student Growth and Learning at SSS

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Second Semester Course Changes

If any student is interested in possibly changing their courses for second semester, please go to the main office and sign up for a course change appointment. Please note that not all changes are possible due to class size limits and other factors. Junior high students may only request changes to their options classes.

Parental Involvement at SSS

Want to Know What the School Council is up to?

All parents and guardians of Sexsmith Secondary students are welcome to attend the School Advisory Council meetings. It is made up of parents, community members and teachers who work with the school principal and administration to advise in the creation of policies and procedures. The next School Council meeting will be Tuesday, February 8th.

If you would like to get involved or contact them for more information, check out their Facebook page here.

Student Engagement at SSS

Grad Gear Letterman Jackets now ready to order!

The site for ordering Letterman jackets is now up and running! Order soon as the site closes on February 6th.

Show Your School Spirit! Get Your Sabre Wear

The Sabre Wear store is up and running again!

Extracurricular Activities

Get Active! Win Prizes! Make the leader board!

Make the leader board for the new Strava Club!

Mr. Weber has created a club for our school on Strava. Strava is a popular fitness tracking app that allows you to track various activities from high intensity sports to casual walks and create a little friendly competition. So if you are interested you can sign up! There is a leaderboard in the hallway that we will be updating every two weeks. Winners will be announced at the end of each month and receive prizes!

You can add yourself to the School group by scanning the QR Code at the bottom of the leaderboard poster in the hallway or by using this link: This link also gives you up to the minute updates on the leaderboard.

Learning Citizenship at SSS

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Sexsmith Secondary has ebooks, audiobooks and digital graphic novels

Get free access to a large amount of ebooks, audiobooks and digital graphic novels through our subscription to Sora. All you need is your student login that you use for your chromebook or powerschool.
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An important step we can take to ensure the health and safety of our community is to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Children aged 5 and up are eligible to receive a first and second dose of an approved vaccine in Alberta. Peace Wapiti Public School Division will support Alberta Health Services as it runs temporary vaccination clinics in schools.

Immunization is voluntary. Peace Wapiti Public School District schools will not allow vaccinations for students without parental consent in our schools. They will be available in for eligible students in Grades 7-12 and staff.

More information will be provided to parents and guardians, parental consent will be required for in-school immunizations.

**Due to privacy laws, we cannot ask or disclose if students and staff are vaccinated.**

Updated Alberta Daily Health Checklist

Daily Health Screening Checklist

Please take a moment each day to go through this checklist before sending your child(ren) to school.

News from the district