Organ Transplants

Are organ transplants okay?

What is Organ Transplantation?

It is the transferring of an organ from one person to the next through many procedures.

What is Xenotransplantation

Xenotransplantation is the growing of animals for Organs
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Some life saving cases by humans

Twenty years ago, a woman named Donna Lee Jones, died in a severe automobile accident.Because of her donation, several people lived, a man in Tampa, Florida, received her heart, a teenage boy in Washington, D.C., received a kidney and pancreas, a hospital custodian received her other kidney, a woman in Pennsylvania received her liver, and the corneas went to a young woman in Baltimore. (Direct Quote)

Whats the difference?

Organs people need the most

Many people need organs but many don't get them because of money. Everyday about 77 people get organ transplants, but about 18 die each day waiting for one. There are many organs to transplant but the main ones are...

  • kidney
  • heart
  • liver
  • lung
  • pancreas
  • intestines

Pros and Cons


  • It can possibly save someone else
  • Could save someone from having cancer
  • can survive with only one of specific things


  • Very expensive
  • Some have to kill animals
  • Very risky


From reading all these documents I think that in some cases it is ok to have an organ transplant. But, it is not ok to kill animals for organs. Animals are not just meant to be grown and killed for human purposes.