Lets Not Enslave A Beautiful Mind

Supporting Gifted Students

A common misconception...

Often we assume that a gifted child will be extremely successful, regardless of whether or not their gifts or talents are being supported. I mean who are we to blame, they are "naturally smart right!? Born with it! Gifted! Genius! They grasp concepts quickly, effortlessly...and don't require the special attention that other students do - WRONG!!!! It is vital that we recognize this ill informed, and pervasive view in its tracks, and highlight such assumptions as common misconceptions. Otherwise, we create an opportunity to destroy a beautiful mind!


Imperfectly Perfect!

Just like all other students, all of our gifted students are different. Just because they are extremely gifted in certain areas does not mean that they are gifted in all areas.

  • Gifted students, like all of us can struggle with organization, motivation, and respecting the thoughts, opinions, perspectives of those around them. As teachers we can work hard to develop skills that support any needs by keeping our gifted students integrated in a classroom where they can learn from a diversity of perspectives.
  • Additionally, we can go through an education plan with our students, listen to feed back and respect their voices! In order to assist in organizational skills, especially in a tailored program we must be organized as teachers! We can develop logs, checklists, and offer suggestions, and carve out time for conferencing in order to support these students throughout their educational journeys.
  • In order to support students with time management skills, throughout such tailored and demanding planning, we must recognize that all students are not the same and despite their advanced abilities they are NOT immune to disabilities, emotional stressors, or beyond! Students can be subject to many things, commonly intellectual disabilities that can make self regulating behaviour, time management, and social interactions difficult tasks (Understanding Giftedness). In order to support such students we need to develop learning plans/ contracts with the student that outline what is expected of a student, what their routines might be, and where they can turn for help/ support when facing a problem that feels beyond their self regulation. While working with any student, Ped Doc, can be extremely beneficial beyond just documenting learning. It becomes especially valuable when tracking stressors, behaviour patterns, and coping skills to ensure a safe and supportive environment for learning.