Why should we conserve the forests against deforestation?


Why we should protect the forests

- causes damage to the land

- loss of habitats

-lack of oxygen

-climate change

-larger amount of greenhouse gas

How should we conserve forests?

- don't cut down trees as often as you need

-plant more trees

-use other recoures

- recycle

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How many trees do we cut down daily?

15-20 million trees are cut down each year but we do NOT plant as many as we cut down.

How to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why should I be involved in it?

- Arent other people doing enough for me?

- How can i get started?

- Should we start preserving if the forests get too low?

Preservation Vs. Conservation

Preservation- dont use the recuource at all bicause its already really low.

Coservation- using a recource in moderation don't abuse the recource.

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