Stress Newsletter

By:Charles Clark

What is stress?

Stress can be any change to your body for example being worried or adrenaline.

What are the causes for stress?

One of the main causes for stress is your workload how much work you do and not much vacation time. Another cause is personal life for example you break up with someone or get a divorce it can stress your mentality.

What are some risks of stress?

If you are stressed you can possibly get one of the following. Heart disease,Asthma, Obesity,Diabetes,Headaches,Depression,Anxiety,Alzheimers,Accelerating aging So if your stressed you should see a doctor.

Ways to prevent stress

Find something to take your mind off of the event or object that is making you stressed maybe by listening to music because it is soothing.

Ways to manage stress

First keep a positive attitude then you need to eat healthier and exercise regularly.