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August 3, 2020 - Parent Newsletter

Principal's Message

Rawlinson families,

As you know, NISD will begin the school year on Monday, Aug. 24 through virtual learning.

There will be no in-person instruction until at least the Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 8, 2020.

NISD continues to closely monitor the situation and take guidance from the Metro Health Department, Texas Department of State Health Services, and the Center for Disease Control.

All families have received an email asking that you select an instructional program for the 2020-2021 school year. You will be choosing between two instructional learning models: in-person learning or virtual learning. It is important that we know how to best meet the needs of your child as quickly as possible in order to complete the planning process prior to August 24.

Both our in-person and virtual learning options include access to a NEW Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology. Schoology will provide teachers, students, and parents with a one-stop location for accessing assignments, participating in classroom discussions, and communicating between parents and teachers. Training for teachers begins this week on the LMS system. Training videos and materials for parents will also be coming soon.

As a parent or guardian, you can access the Schoology account on your mobile device. With one login, you can see your child’s classes including due dates of assignments. NISD will partner with Schoology to provide training on how to create and use your parent account.

As always, attendance will remain a top priority even within the LMS system. Students will be required to have daily interaction with their teachers. Attendance will be taken, and more specific guidelines on daily requirements will be shared soon.

The Northside homepage has provided a link to a Back to School Webpage. This page offers many answers to the questions you may have. This page is found by clicking the banner at the top of the main NISD website.

As always, we are committed to the safety of our students & staff as well as offering high-quality instruction to every student whether in person or virtual.

Please continue to be mindful of key preventative measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands thoroughly, and staying home when sick.

Stay well, stay safe and stay positive,

Sherry Mireles, Principal

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Back to School Decision

  • All families received the email on Monday, August 3, 2020
  • Due Date for decision: Monday, August 10, 2020
  • You will need your child's Student ID (lunch account #) & Date of Birth

The system will prompt you to answer the following:

  1. In-Person vs Virtual preference
  2. Your choice of transportation: parent drop off or need for the bus
  3. Technology capability or need


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Still unsure on how to choose between in-person instruction vs. virtual?

Weigh your options below, see the list of committments for each to help you decide. The window for decision making is from Monday, Aug. 3rd - Monday, Aug. 10, 2020.

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Check out the videos below for quick tutorials on Schoology for Northside

Parents will be provided the resources they need to support their child(ren) during both virtual and in-person instruction. In development is a Parent Support Site which will house all the information families need to better navigate and utilize Schoology.

The site, which will go live on Aug. 10, will contain information on Schoology parent accounts, contact information for technical assistance, instructional support, and much more. Parents will be provided more information about the Parent Support Site, Schoology, and how to support their children as the start of school approaches.

Schoology Parent Account PSA

Parent Account PSA
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What is power hour?

A personalized opportunity to reconnect! We've separated our student interaction by grade level and created a parents only session as well.

Student Power Hour: There's no pressure, no stress; just join us for a fun-filled hour of updates, interactions, break-out sessions and fun! We even have door prizes! Yay!

Parent Power Hour: Pre-fill your questions on the google doc sent by email if you'd like. We'll categorize them and answer during our session. Note: You don't have to fill out a question; we will be updating you on many of the items that are in this newsletter.

What can I expect next?

Grade level specific call outs and a corresponding email will go out a few days before the event. The email will include the Zoom ID and password.

What is the PADLET link on the student flyers for?

Whether you're a returning student or brand NEW to Rawlinson, you will find tons of good information about our campus. There's a video tour, an intro. slide show to who's who, Schoology informationj and so much more. If you have a burning question, there's even a google form that allows you to fill in your questions. We will sift through all questions and answer them at the whole group Zoom for your grade level.

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Dear Rawlinson Patriots:

The counselors at Rawlinson understand that this is a challenging and unprecedented time for all of us. This is a message to let you know that we are offering resources, guidance and support to help our valued Patriot community.

In times of uncertainty, it is normal to experience a multitude of feelings that may come and go throughout the day. This rollercoaster of emotions is completely normal and to be expected. We encourage families to help each other find words for these feelings and emotions and to express them in healthy ways.

We understand that the information we are all receiving about COVID-19 is changing daily. This constant influx of information can cause anxiety for all of us. Please remember that you are not alone in this. We are a unified community and are facing these challenges together.

Our counselors have worked together to create resources and strategies to help you and your family cope. We encourage you to use the tools offered with your family to find a comforting sense of control during a time when things feel so uncertain. Our thoughts are with you.

Your Rawlinson Counseling Team,

Tara Callaway 6th grade/

Tonyia Fleming 7th grade/

Joshua Lopez 8th grade/

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Orchestra Virtual Camp

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I hope you’ve had a GREAT summer so far! It’s a few weeks before school starts. Even though we can’t meet all together in the Choir room, you can still expect to do some fun activities. Please see the table below for ALL days/sessions available to you via Zoom. Some sessions (time slots) are specific to grade levels! If you or your parents have any questions, please email

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Download the pdf file below, the flyer will have live links to these important documents

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A message from the Principal:

The Rawlinson PTA has proved to be a dedicated partner in the success of our students, year after year. Our PTA has built and supported programs that promote student achievement, creativity and inclusiveness. From helping to communicate campus information to supporting and creating events like Patriot Games, food drives, pantry support, book fair, family nights, our WatchDog program and so much more our PTA does it all!

The Rawlinson PTA has been a substantial partner in the education of our students and continues to play a vital role in our community.

We are grateful for them! -Sherry Mireles

From our PTA

Welcome back, Patriots!! It’s that time to Power Up and to join pta online! As we look forward to starting school again in this constantly shifting world, one thing does remain steady, Rawlinson PTA.

We are striving to support educators as well as both home and building-based learners through these times. Last year’s fundraising brought support to 9 departments and more through the following:

  • Author presentation

  • Ear buds

  • TEKS Math programs

  • Green Screen

  • 250 dictionaries

  • 18 master music classes

  • Text books

  • White boards

  • 2 water fountain conversion kits for more sanitary hydration

  • Language Translator technology

As we move into this new year, check out the discounts available just for being a member. The price of the membership can be re-coupe-ed in no time.

Thank you for supporting Rawlinson PTA, and follow us on Facebook for regular postings, Patriots!

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Welcome to the Patriot family!!