Come To Indian Independence Party

Finally We Got Our Independence


You should come to celebrate everyone's hardwork in gaining India's independence. We require everyone on dress formally and hoping everyone to bring a warm smile. We hope everyone enjoys the party

Indian Independence Party

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 6pm

New Delhi, Delhi, India

New Delhi, DL


6:15 - A small speech form Gandhi

6:45 -Refreshments and Appetizer

7:00 -A Plan For The FUTURE

7:30 - Main course

8:15 - A toast made by the British in wishing luck for India

8:30 - Deserts

9:00 - dancing

10:00- Ending speech for Gandhi


Please tell us if you are so we can plan out your meals and seats. Contact us by telegram. Please send it at least two week before the event.

Send the telegram to our party planer in New Delhi in India.