NEDP Daily Buzz

April 15

Keep it Moving!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the video of how we are all staying active and would love to hear and see how YOU are staying active too. We came up with a stay active challenge Bingo Board full of movement fun and would love for you to send us pictures and/or videos of your family being active! Can you get a BINGO?

How are the Pros doing it?

Kyle (Sunita Williams) curated these videos to show you all how professional sports players are using this time to stay active and have fun in some silly ways.
NBA Player Trae Young Laundry Basket Shoot out! Take any laundry you have around your house that is not put away and try shooting it into the laundry basket and keep score of how many you make!
Trae Young during his quarantine is having a 3 point contest using socks
MLB Player Wilson Contreras:Nerf Ball Batting Practice: For an extra challenge, have a nerf gun shoot out the balls to try and hit during some baseball or softball batting practice.
Wilson Contreras Holds Nerf Gun Batting Practice at Home with Brother
NBA Player Matisse Thybulle:Get creative and set up some obstacle courses or fake defenders and practice your ball handling or speed and agility (with parents permission!)
76ers Matisse Thybulle does basketball drills on Tiktok
NBA/Celtics Player Jayson Tatum:Instead of focusing on the specific sport, maybe just have some fun and dance to get some cardio exercise in like Jayson Tatum!

Tony's (Sunita Williams) "Snowball Fight" Game


1. Ball up some socks (preferably white but any color can work) make sure you are in a safe area of the house (not near lamps or other "breakables")

OR you can play outside in the yard

2. Ideally 4+ players to make teams... split the team evenly (2 v 2; 3 v 3 etc)

IF you only have an odd number of players then you can pick to have uneven teams OR someone can be a "snow fairy" that can unfreeze players hit

3.Then throw the Snowballs (socks) at one another!

Don’t get hit or you turn into a snow statue!

4. If you get hit and become a snow statue; you need a teammate OR snow fairy or to TAG you to unfreeze you.