Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

September 26, 2015

What's Up in the Classroom?

Writing - This week kicked off our Lucy Calkin's writer's workshop program. The first unit we are studying is all about true, small moment stories in the life of a writer. Boy oh boy were the kids excited to start sharing their lives with each other. Their enthusiasm was amazing! I heard them say things like, "Can we write yet?" and "I want to write another story!" They learned to touch and tell, sketch then write. What that means is they touch the paper and orally tell the story they are thinking to a partner. Then, they sketch the story across the pages and finally write it out with words. So fun!

Reading - Habits of successful readers was the focus for the week. Next week, I will be introducing our "CAFE" menu to the students. "CAFE" is short for comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. Students will learn strategies to help them in all four areas of reading.

Math - I am so pleased with the math skills of these amazing 1st graders. We started working on equations this week and to my surprise, they knew exactly what to do! I tend to throw higher level thinking concepts into the lesson just to see if they can figure them out and they never cease to amaze me. Multiple students are able to figure out the idea and explain it to the class. So cool!

Science - The pond has been the focus for the week. I can tell the children have had rich experiences with you at home because many tell me things that I cannot believe they know such as, "My dad told me that mallards live in a pond!" or "Mom said that beavers build dams to stop the flow of water!" Wow!

Handwriting - We practice handwriting nearly everyday. If the students look as if they are needing more practice, I give them a handwriting sheet marked "homework." They can practice at home and return the sheet the next day.

Next Week

We have an early release next Friday (October 2) at 1:20. So, Friday will follow a Wednesday schedule and Wednesday will follow a Friday schedule. I know how much the students enjoy getting new library books so I am hoping to still get a check out time. Please send books back to school as usual on Wednesday even though we will not technically have library next week. :)

Picture Day

Students brought home a picture day form yesterday. Picture day is Thursday, October 8th. The children will get their picture taken and then bring home the form for you to order if you wish. Students with two family homes will bring home two forms.


We have a mail system in our room where the children go to pick up corrected papers, notes and homework. Any papers stamped "homework" should come back to school. Everything else can stay home unless it is something from the office that needs to be filled out and returned.